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At Apex, it is not just a career that we are offering you. By putting you at the core of every considerations and business plans, we want to make every financial consultant with us, a helmsman of his/her future. We are constantly on a look out for motivated individuals with potential.

Career Benefits


life balance

Being a financial consultant offers you the flexibility to manage your own schedule whilst having the time for your leisure activities. At Apex, we seek to build an environment with a healthy work life balance



As a financial consultant, your earnings are a direct proportion for the time and effort you put into your work. Our branch has one of the highest percentage of MDRT qualifiers in PIAS.



We provide numerous opportunities for consultants who join us to advance in their careers based on their interests. At Apex, we place a great emphasis on career growth.



As part of our partner programs, there are opportunities for travel for overseas convention  and branch trips.

How we do our business

Apex has conducted more than 250 financial seminars for 2017. With us, you can be sure your main focus is on your advisory profession, not on leads generation.

Aldrich Tan
financial Services Consultant

Our Seminars

Apex has always been pro-active in the industry for conducting quality seminars, as evidenced by the good attendance at all the public seminars we have been conducting on a monthly basis.

To help the baby boomers for their golden years, we hold seminars focusing on topics related to retirement, legacy planning and health related seminars. We make sure that our clients and their loved ones benefits greatly through the diverse educational and informative seminars that is delivered in an amusing and captivating approach by our skilled and qualified speakers.


Retirement is something where most of us look forward to. But the question is,

“Do you have enough to have a Golden Retirement?”

In Singapore, even the Central Provident Fund (CPF) system needs more planning to supplement to your dream retirement. A well implemented retirement plan can help improve your retirement cash flow and they also protect your most important assets. So be rest assured and let us help you to plan your retirement together while you enjoy your fruits of labour.


Some of us are not aware of the adverse consequences of not having a valid will when we pass on whereas the rest of us are simply procrastinating.

A clearly written will is another form of reassurance for your loved ones. It shows that you care for them and it also enables you to pass on your last instructions to them.

Writing a will is an important and yet often neglected part of financial planning.

At Apex, we work with law firms and Trust companies to refer will writing services or setting up a Trust. Show your loved ones that you care for them.


Many are not aware of the consequences of not having a good healthy lifestyle and therefore take their own health for granted.
We conduct various health related talks and seminars to share with the people and their loved ones to let them know the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. We have different topics such as diabetes, body aches and how it affects our bodies unknowingly.

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Copyright © 2018 Apexpwmcareers. All Rights Reserved.

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